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Presentation of the department

The Marketing Department produces all the marketing content that will be used to promote the feature films (adverts, short films, teasers). All the productions represent about 30 minutes of content per film.

The wide range and volume of productions mobilizes a team of about 130 graphic artists, including more than 50 animators. A real springboard for whoever wishes to join the studio, the department follows the same structure, uses the same tools and pipeline as the feature film productions. Also, since the productions are shorter, the Marketing department allows graphic artists to carry out short missions, from a few weeks to a few months if they wish to do so.

The adverts and short films that are fabricated by the Marketing Department are all original content, directed by in-house directors, staging characters and sets from or inspired by the feature films. The adverts are produced for major brands such as Mac Donalds, Go Pro, Electronic Arts, Honda, Oasis, Sky… among many others.